Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Testimonial-Wound Healing

This story has been sent by Viknes' sister, distributor and health worker,Latha Sivapalan, from Perth, Western Australia. Latha has given me permission to send on this testimonial to you all.
Jan Skelly

Hello Jan,
Regarding my brother, Viknes, he faithfully followed Dr Williams' instructions regarding the dressings and especially the breathing exercises. Within two weeks of the Noni-only dressing, he told me that his wound was pink whereas it had been white before. Soon after, it turned red and he began to have twinges of pain in the area. This was after Dr Williams visited him the second time (October/November?). I called him almost every day to remind him of his breathing exercises and even my mother noted the improvement when he did this.

For a short time, he was re-admitted to hospital and when the nurse tried to take a blood sample, the blood was too thick because the doctors had stopped his Warfarin. My mother told him to do his breathing exercises and almost immediately, the nurse could take the sample from a different area!

Last week, he saw his doctor in the hospital and the doctor called the nurse in to see my brother's wound. He exclaimed that my brother's treatment was working! Viknes said that his wounds were healing well and that the toes had returned almost to a normal colour when they had been black before.

Viknes, who had been terribly depressed because of his illness for the last 8 years, is so happy and positive, attending the (TNI office) meetings in Singapore. He is going to start his little four-year old daughter on TNJ. A huge thank you to Dr Williams and TNJ, (and to you for sending Dr williams to him) especially as it took me years to convince my brother to give it a try, even with the help of my sister and brother-in-law.

Thanks once again Jan for all your support and kindness.

Regards to Peter.


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