Sunday, September 25, 2005

Noni and anti ageing - fruit flies

Fruit Flies and Noni ~ Anti-Aging!

Even though most of us don’t look like a fruit fly, about 70 percent of our genes that are known to cause human malignancies are found in similar form in the fruit fly. With these impressive genetic similarities and their short life span scientists often use fruit flies for their studies. Professor Steven Gallant has experimented feeding noni to fruit flies. He believed the same group of polysaccharides in noni that Dr. Ann Hirazumi found to help fight cancer may also extend the life of fruit flies. His results are exciting. In his experiment, most of the water-fed fruit flies died between 40 and 60 days, and none lived past 80 days. However, a large number of noni-fed fruit flies lived past 80 days. In fact, some were still alive after 100 days and also their mobility throughout their life was greatly improved.

Refernce: Solomon, Niel. An Ounce of Noni a Pound of Cure

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