Sunday, September 25, 2005

Testimonial - Severe Pain and other things

My name is Colleen Abbott. I'm 61 years young thanks to Noni Juice which I have been drinking on a daily basis since July, 1996, when some business friends, Ken Roland, Tom Thornton, and Lynn Ascraft made a phone call with each of them connecting from a different state in the US. I was puzzled and annoyed that they wanted me to look at a new product in the health or alternative health world that was a simple, unheard of juice from a far away Polynesian island. My medical doctor husband was concerned when I would try new products as he was worried that the quality control might be lax or laboratory testing be non existent - making the product unstandardized and possibly harmful.

Knowing his position on products from the alternative health world, I listened somewhat skeptically to my three friends who were obviously excited about this new product and their experiences with it. Those experiences cut through my initial negativity as these gentlemen were and are men of their word as well as successful business associates. What they didn't know was that I was suffering even as we were talking on the phone and in a great deal of severe back pain radiating from the top my head, neck, and back down through my legs all the way to my painful feet. (I had failed backwards in May a few weeks before and could hardly move or do any task without a lot of agony due to constant and sharp pain.) Since I had access to heavy pain killers, I could have stayed on them but they frightened me. I felt so awful when they wore off that I was afraid I would be tempted to overuse them and become dependent on them. I'd seen people with injured backs who were hooked on pain killers and I suddenly could understand how that could happen to me. So no narcotic pharmaceuticals for me. But I was a human pain machine day and night without relief. I tried several products - different supplements to help with the pain and healing but they made no difference.

The day after this phone call I gingerly drove to the new company's warehouse nearby in Lindon, Utah, to see a man named Kelly Olsen whom I knew. Kelly was now the V.P. of Marketing of this new startup company and a friend so I figured I could pick his brain about why he was with this new company. He told me his private, positive experiences in using this juice - that it gave him pain relief- and he shared his wife's personal experiences with this juice also giving her energy and pain relief. At that point I was willing to try it so signed up as a distributor and took a case of 4 bottles of juice home with me to try it for myself.

Within 3 nights I was starting to get some quality rest and the day pain was manageable. I could begin to resume my regular life and was so pleased and surprised that I shared this juice with family and friends that very first week. Now I had tried hundreds of products before and no products ever worked so well in my body as did this juice. It has been seven years now since I first drank this juice and I still drink it several times each day. Another side benefit is that I comfortably support myself now that I'm widowed with residual income from people who use this juice and find it gives them health benefits.

At this point in time I have a long list of disappeared problems. Now I can't prove that noni made the difference but you read this list and see what you think. My back pain is gone, my hip, knee, and leg pains are gone, my neck pain is mostly gone, and my shoulders and ribs don't hurt any more. (Meanwhile, I was in 2 car accidents and reinjured all these areas again plus I pushed my ill husband in his wheel chair and took care of him for several years until he passed away in 2000. Yet I am strong and healthy today.) My allergies are gone. I take no over the counter or pharmaceutical medicines of any kind in spite of having many different kinds of prescriptions in the past for high blood pressure, stress, depression, allergies, hypo thyroid problems, acid reflux, constipation, bladder control, arthritis, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic lung and sinus infections. Minor problems such as ringing in the ears and a stuffy nose have disappeared. My hair is still thick with very little gray, my finger nails are long and strong, my skin is clear and smooth, and I have kept my weight down to a trim size 10 while drinking this juice. Also, I have tons of energy, go walking for an hour each day, dance Friday and Saturday nights, serve in my church, travel long distances by car (driving myself without getting sleepy), walk and move without pain, have a happy heart and a clear mind, conduct my business affairs with clarity and focus, and continue to avoid colds and flues no matter the season or current epidemic in my area.

And people worry that this noni juice might be expensive. You couldn't pay me enough to have the sicknesses that used to plague me all the time. The time I spent in doctor's offices, the money I spent for over the counter and prescription drugs continually drained my budget and I never felt well, never felt enough energy, never felt like I was regaining my health. That's what's really too high a price to pay. The simple bottle of this Noni Juice is the best health bargain I've ever found.

Please give yourself the gift of better health and drink this wonderful juice every day. Then share with others so they can know the same joy.

Written with love to my wonderful partners and friends,
Colleen S. Abbott, June 23, 2003, Orem, Utah, USA

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