Sunday, September 25, 2005

Noni and Cancer - How much Noni

What is cancer

Simply put, cancer is a cellular malfunction. When suffering from cancer, the human body loses normal cellular controls, which results in the malignant of cell's unregulated growth. Theses cancer cells have a lack of differentiation and invade local tissue, travel elsewhere, and metastasize. The disease itself begins by one cell that mutates or changes. The abnormal cell maintains that mutation through the cell's reproduction process despite the efforts of the human body's defense system, which tries to eliminate abnormal cells. These mutated cells (resulting from abnormal DNA) then travel through the body, setting up residency in one or more of the body's organs. There are now well over one hundred types of cancer that can exist within the human body.

I believe noni's effect on cancer most likely deals with the fact that both noni and cancer work on a cellular level. It is further believed that noni enhances cellular structure while cancer, of course, destroys it. One of noni's key components, proxeronine, is sent to "sick" cells within the body by the Golgi apparatus and an enzyme, proxeroninease. The interaction creates xeronine, a cellular enhancer.

How much to drink?
While someone is on chemotherapy then 30 mls/2 x day is adequate. While not on chemotherapy then 1L/day for 4 days then 250 mls/day for the next 80 days. This is the amount people with any type of cancer should drink as a dietary support for their cancer treatment.

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