Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stress-Dr. McPhilamy

"Our autonomic bodily functions, systems and organs, expect to have the necessary neutraceuticals, including, but not limited to vitamins, minerals, proteins, proper dietary and plant nutrition, that is absolutely mandatory for continuing peak performance. When these organs and systems don't get exactly what they need, they and the cells from which they are made go into a state of generation, followed by debilitating subtle stress.

Sick, stressed out cells find relief with noni juice, which sustains a cell's flow-through ability. If a cell can stay malleable enough to permit harmful substances such as acids, overproduced hormones and other toxins to actually flow-out of the cell, while at the same time allowing nutraceuticals to flow in, the stressed out cell can be repaired. Noni juice helps cells with this "flow through" function. Being able to rid itself of toxins is obviously very important to cells since it prevents pressure buildup that could cause cellular inflammation." (Pg. 19)
**Quote from Dr. William P. McPhilamy in his book, "....NONI Juice: The Stress Buster" found at

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