Sunday, September 25, 2005

Testimonial - Brain Tumour

Hi guys,

Attached is an e-mail from my upline and yours who wasn't taking Noni correctly and not a great believer,ended up with a tumour on her brain and was told it was growing rapidly.

So she called me three months ago and told me all about it over the phone crying!! So guess what guys no heart ROB told her off and what to do!

Take 32 oz (near enough to 1L) a day and mix 3 (90 ml) to 4 oz (120 ml) of noni in pure water, like 2 litres a day and on top say a few prayers with meaning on your knees!!!

Well guys read on !!---- Rob from downtown BANGKOK !!!!

From: Carolyn C.

Rob, great news, tumour gone, I drank 320 ozs NONI each day plus
more in the water you recommended 3to4 bottles daily at least!!!!!! Also -- many PRAYERS by many friends. Dale has tried to ring you many times- forgot about the e-mail until i rang the company.

LOVE CAROLYN - Australia

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