Monday, September 05, 2005


Since 1985, I have suffered from vitiligo (a distinguishing absence of melanin usually on hands, feet, face and neck leaving white patches and areas). In summer I have avoided the beach and outdoors as a consequence of this. The original problem began as a result of extensive tennis coaching in the hot sun plus a typically unprotected Aussie childhood.
As a consequence of taking Noni Juice for severe osteo-arthritis in 1999, I had wonderful results in that area and with other conditions such as prostate, energy and mental well being which I had not anticipated.
Now I also realise that the vitiligo particularly on my hands, arms and face has virtually disappeared and has been gradually fading since I began taking Noni Juice.
As the dermatologist told me that the prognosis for vitiligo was poor and that the only treatment with some hope involved ¼ pound of chopped liver per day or several hundreds of dollars per month for tablets of dubious value, this unexpected additional bonus for Noni Juice is wonderful.


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