Monday, September 05, 2005

Testimonial. Alzheimers Disease

This is a story about our friend, E., age 64, who 4 years ago was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. E. had become quite forgetful, left the house without locking the doors, not always remembering where he was driving to, and wife said that he was mixing his words, putting the wrong words in the right place and so on.

Their local GP gave E. some tests and said that the results were not good, and referred him to a Neurologist in Wickham Terrace, Brisbane. After more tests including a CAT Scan and an MRI, he was then asked to complete a written examination, under the supervision of a psychologist and a neurologist.

Two months later he was advised that he had Alzheimers’ Disease ,and it was suggested that he place his affairs in order, appoint a Power of Attorney and so on. He was told that within 5 years he would probably not be able to drive his car, and may not even recognize his wife and children. At this time E. was in complete denial.

He was prescribed ARICEPT which gave him uncomfortable side effects such as fluctuating heart beat, reflux after eating and other things. He told his doctor that he did not want to continue taking this drug, but the doctor advised him it was the best they had, and asked him to give it a three month trial and E. agreed . At the end of this period of time, he told the doctor he was not proceeding with this treatment.

It was then that E. purchased the a noni extracts specifically formulated for memory and started to take 12 drops in 120 mls of Noni Juice twice daily. This was his program for 18 months. He now takes 60 mls Noni Juice twice daily, with 12 drops of the extract once daily.

At the end of 12 months he showed no improvement in his condition, but neither had the disease progressed – ie.he showed no further deterioration. At the end of 2 years his condition had stabilized and that has been the pattern every year since.

At a meeting recently with 9 doctors including 3 specialists, at the Brisbane Memory Clinic at the PA Hospital, he was advised that he was the only person in his group at the clinic who was not deteriorating. He gave them information on the Noni products, including the websites, books etc but as yet none have followed it up. They said to him “whatever you are doing, just keep it up”.

Today driving his car, and certainly recognizes everyone he knows (if not always their names) and is busy going about his business. His wife says there are some small differences in him, but his lifestyle is the same as it always was. We have just spent two great days with him in Sydney. Our prayers have been answered and quite obviously Someone is watching over him. And maybe the the NONI products have worked some magic of their own as well.

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