Thursday, September 22, 2005

Testimonial-Breast Cancer

My name is Antoinette Ey. I am 52 years old and live at Aspley Qld. with my husband Tony, my son Jason, 21, and my daughter Kimberley, 18.
In November 2000 I had a mammogram and was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumour was approximately 10cms in size and the lymph glands were also enlarged.

When I saw the surgeon several days later, he told me the tumour was inoperable so he recommended 4-6 treatments of chemo-therapy in order to shrink the tumour with a possible 4-6 further treatments if the tumour had not decreased sufficiently enough to perform a radical mastectomy (complete removal of the breast and lymph glands).

I was not happy about the chemotherapy or the surgery as I have always been more interested in natural therapies. After agonizing over this and cancelling two appointments for chemo, I spoke to my sister who told me of a friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years earlier and who claimed she is now cancer free. She said she had taken a ¼ cup of Aloe Vera juice twice a day and after 3 months the cancer had gone. The next day I went to the health shop for the Aloe Vera and began drinking the juice. A couple of days later I went to see my GP who recommended NONI Juice (something I had never even heard of) for the nausea and vomiting associated with chemo-therapy. I bought a bottle from him and began the maintenance dose that day. He told me it had been most beneficial for a number of his patients. A day or two later, I looked in the phone book and called a friend who told me all about the other wonderful things attributed to Noni juice.

The following week I went to a meeting and listened to an address by the noni naturiopath. After the meeting I told her of my problem and she suggested I start taking a 1L of Noni for 4 days, then a 500 ml for 4 days, then a 250 ml for the next 30 days and then on to the maintenance amount )30 mls/2 x day). I decided to follow her advice and began the next day.

After some pressure from family and friends and the Oncologist, I had my first treatment of chemo on Dec. 22. I fully expected to experience at least some discomfort, but I had so sign of nausea or vomiting or indeed any of the side-effects for which chemo-therapy is notorious.

On Jan 12, three weeks later, I saw the Oncologist prior to the 2nd treatment. She asked me had I had any problems with side effects and I told her I hadn’t which seemed to surprise her. She was even more surprised, in fact astounded when she did a clinical examination and noted that the tumour had shrunk, in her estimation by around 25%. When I went in for my 2nd treatment, my husband asked the nurse administering the chemo how common was it for a tumour to shrink by 25% in 3 weeks, after only one treatment. She said she’d never heard of it before.

On Feb 2, prior to my 3rd treatment, I was examined by the Oncologist and the tumour had decreased by a further 25%. I am naturally delighted, and firmly believe that it is the Noni juice which stopped the nausea and vomiting and the lack of mouth ulcers, another common side effect of chemo. I can’t say for certain how much it has had to do with the decrease in the size of the tumour, as I take other natural things as well, but I am absolutely convinced that the chemo alone is not responsible for such a dramatic reduction in the size of the tumour. I have no doubt it can be attributed to the juices (Aloe Vera, Noni and fresh fruit and vegetable) as well as the elimination of dairy foods, caffeine, alcohol and an increased intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I have now decided to have a break from the chemo-therapy as I find it mentally wearing so I have increased my intake of Noni juice to 120ml per day and hope that with a positive attitude my body will do the rest. Here’s to good health.

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