Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hashimoto's Disease, Sleep, Hiatus Hernia and Low Blood Pressure

Q. I have a customer who appears to be having a reaction to the juice, and I would appreciate your advice. This lady is 45 years old. She has had Hashimotos Disease since 1989. For this she takes Pig Replacement Thyroid, 1 and a half grain capsule twice daily. After the birth of her her fourth child in 1997, she haemorrhaged, and since then has suffered from low blood pressure.
She has a recently dignosed hiatus hernia, and for this was taking Nexium 40 mg/day. She has stopped taking this however the symptoms since starting the juice have continued.
This lady has been taking noni juice for 8 weeks. She started with 60 mls twice a day. This caused her severe headaches with some nausea and diarrhea. She cut back to 30 mls twice daily, and the symptoms were less severe however, still persist. She is sleeping well, however wakes at 4-30am and can not return to sleep. She is depleted of energy, and finds it very hard to function normally with these symptoms. She is a healthy eater, and is of normal weight.
This month she has had an unusually heavy period with headaches and sore breasts.
She has been seeing a Classical Homeopath for 4 years. I would appreciate any advice you can offer.
Many thanks.

A. Firstly your lady needs to make up the following drink by Dr. Williams and drink it four times daily for a week then once a day or more often if needed. 1L water + 1/2 heaped teaspoon of “Lite” Salt (it has more potassium than sodium – see the side of the bottle) + ¼ teaspoon cooking salt (no aluminium) + juice of 1.2 lemon. She needs to drink this to raise her blood volume – this will greatly help her blood volume. It will take about 3 days. She needs to stay on her thyroxin tablets and continue taking the noni juice – if she persists with the juice she may find over a long period of time (years) that the thyroid will not get any worse (as has been reported by others) and this is a great benefit. The sore breasts etc. may be just the hormones adjusting and I would strongly advice her to use the wild yam cream to help regulate the high estrogen levels. I would suggest if she is suffering from depression (not mentioned here – but the lack of energy may be partly that) then she buy Dr. Vera’s S.A.D. which is a tryptophan (amino acid) formulation and take ½ teaspoon in the morning and ½ teaspoon at night in water or juice. As for the hiatus hernia she needs to follow the advice of no coffee and reduced spicy foods especially at night.

You can tell her that I had all of these problems (except the hernia) and this is how it worked for me. I still have Hashimoto’s and for the last 7 years I haven’t had to have my medication raised at all.

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