Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Testimonial - Haemochromotosis

Being a 57-year-old Australian male, I very seldom visit my doctor. Not because he doesn't know his job, but because I hate to waste his time or mine.

Two years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with Haemochromotosis, (too much iron in the blood). This was discovered while undergoing tests for thyroid complaints. This was the first time I had heard of the disease. I also learned that the disease is hereditary and that her mother and brother had been tested and was clear. So father went off to be checked…sure enough…the culprit was Dad. In order to get my iron level down, I spent eight months giving weekly blood donations. My iron content is now kept within normal levels by quarterly blood donations to the Red Cross. In October 1999, I was involved in a vehicle accident (rollover), from which I was lucky enough to walk away, with a few minor scratches and bruises. However, from that point on I have suffered bouts of severe depression and mood swings. After six months of Arropax, and other drugs (which I hate taking), I stopped taking the drugs and took St John's Wort tablets for the depression and Valerian for sleep assistance.

In April this year, my wife, who is a noni juice distributor, was looking for a "Guinea Pig". She needed a person who had not taken noni juice before, to have a 'Live Blood Test', then drink four times the normal daily dose of noni for four weeks, and then have another 'Live Blood Test'. Well I was skeptical, but being a supportive husband, I volunteered. Prick the finger, smear the slide, under the microscope, and watch your blood on the screen… This is my blood…or should I say this was my blood: The white circles are red blood cells, which carry oxygen and other goodies around the body. The oxygen is carried on the surface of the blood cell (imagine the blood cell as a ping pong ball and the oxygen adheres to the surface). You can see many of my blood cells were stuck together, and where this is the case, there is no oxygen being carried on that surface which was joined to another blood cell. Therefore I had lower oxygen circulation than I should have had. This naturally was causing me to be tired and lacking in energy.

Four bottles and four weeks later…I was still skeptical. I didn't feel different, but having drunk the juice for four weeks, I should see if there was any difference. Prick the finger, smear the slide, under the microscope, and watch your blood on the screen… again! The difference: the little suckers wouldn't keep still, moving independently all over the screen. Then I started to think… more energy than before, not as tired, no depression or mood swings, sleeping better. This juice had to be doing something to make me feel so good. No more drugs, no more herbs… just juice. Then to top all that, my last three blood donations have shown my iron level is less each time I give my donation. I am convinced, and I hope you are.

Bob B., Goolwa

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