Sunday, October 23, 2005

Multiple Sclerosis testimonial

Many people ask Lee and I how we cope with a job and my councillor duties.

We have been taking this Noni juice for over 5 years now and we can attest to its value for our current lifestyle.

My younger brother introduced it to us when he was diagnosed with the severe MS. He was in Ryde Rehab hospital for about 2 months , was very ill, couldn't eat or drink without losing it and eventually could not eat through the mouth, suffered severe headache and eyesight pain. He was introduced to the juice in that hospital (through the navel) and within two weeks was able to resume normal life. The plaque affecting his brain is slowly dissolving and he certainly had his specialist mystified, who wanted to put him on the highest level of anti MS drugs. He works part time now and does a lot of mission work in Australia and Indonesia. He lives a full and active life. You may even see him preaching on the sidewalk in Chatswood. (He is very grateful to God for giving him back his life)

Tony H., Sydney

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