Sunday, October 16, 2005


When my doctor told me I was pre - I thought he meant historic. He meant - pre-menopausal. I was only 47 at the time. This frightened me as I thought I had a long way to go before that fun stuff. Well sir - the hot flashes, the night sweats - the mood swings – the incessant crying and anger was overwhelming. I had to take showers twice - once to get clean - the 2nd time to wash off the sweat. I had to blow dry my hair before leaving the house. I was soaked most of the time. I took evening of primrose - Vitamin E, meno-basics - an herbal cocktail of all kinds of great herbs - to no avail. My face was always red hot. I always felt like someone got out the kitchen torch - except there was no creme Brule! I had fans in every purse and used the church bulletin every Sunday to cool off. Finally, my sister introduced me to NONI juice in Feb, 05. Hey I thought, I am not interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy - it has side effects. Ok - let's try it. I even bought an apron that said - " I am still HOT - it only comes in Flashes!"

Within 1 week - no flashes - no sweats - no ruining my good clothes. No chills, no red face. I kept telling my mom and sister how great I felt - my mom was very skeptical and said maybe my menopause was finished. I visited my doctor and told him - he was amazed and had no explanation. He said I was now mid-menopause - but who cares - I feel amazing. Now I say - I am 50 - and still AMAZING! Thank you NONI!

Clara M. C., Canada

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