Sunday, October 23, 2005

Testimonial-Prostate Cancer plus arthritis and angina

“MY BIG SCARE”---“NONI DID IT AGAIN”I was released from hospital 02/02 /2004 with no hope of survival, as I had cancer right through my bones with numerous hot spots throughout my body. My PSA cancer reading was 1139 which is very high, a reading of 4 is considered normal. My wife Robyn took a month off work and we spent most of our time at our beach home. Here the sea air helped change my attitude and I found it invigorating and trying to find ways of survival. (No operation, no radiotherapy and no chemotherapy because condition was too advanced.) I was pale and jaundiced, my next door neighbour asked me what was wrong, and when I told him I’d been given a death sentence, that there was nothing the medicos could do for me, he was shocked and told me to go to Bob Reid’s at Bob’s Farm, as he had a product that would help my cause. I was skeptical, thinking if doctors could not help me then who could?

Bob was convincing but I still had my doubts, he handed me three Noni web sites and after a few hours reading about the benefits of Noni juice I became convinced that this product would help my cancer. Next day I was back at Bob’s place and purchased my Noni, - thank God, because this was my lifeline. Prior to starting on the Noni juice, I was taking several tablets plus morphine including six herbal tablets per day, which my tennis mate and herbalist tried to convince me was the best thing to do. With all these toxins and herbal tablets in my stomach it left me with a terrible feeling, but with my first sip of Noni, all this awful feeling went away, which started to give me confidence in Noni and I stopped taking all the tablets instantly. However, going ‘cold turkey’ especially with morphine, which is addictive, I found it hard to stop. I was going out of my mind. A friend told me to go back on the morphine and wean myself gradually, and after a week I was happy to have so successfully.

About a week later I saw my GP and told him that I was off my tablets and feeling a lot better, thanks to Noni juice, and that I had regained my energy and a bit of strength. He said you better go and see your Urologist and get his opinion.Next week I saw my Urologist and he said I was looking much better than when he saw me in hospital and if I was in any pain, to go back on to my tablets and morphine. He asked me to come back in a month with a new PSA reading and then go to my GP and have a Lucrene Hormone needle which helps control my testosterone. . I returned with my PSA reading of 4.5, and when he looked at it, he seemed to think it was a mistake and asked me to return with another reading in a month’s time, which I did. This time the PSA reading was 4, and he said that I had had a “miraculous recovery”. At this point I said ‘yes, thanks to Noni juice’, and he completely ignored me and kept on writing, and said ‘you’re doing very well, from here on, you will need to have 4 monthly visits. As it happened, each time I returned the PSA readings went from 2.25, to 2.50, and then to 1.2. At this stage I asked my GP if I could stop taking my 4 monthly hormone needle, but he said ‘I know you have a lot of confidence in Noni juice and possibly the two are helping each other, but believe me without the hormone needle which controls your testosterone level and with the amount of tennis you play (4 to 5 times a week), you are increasing you levels of testosterone, so I advise you to continue having the 4 monthly injection’.I decided to check out what the GP said about testosterone levels, so I looked it up on the web and found he was partially right, so in my wisdom I decreased my Noni intake by half to 30mil a day, giving my GP the benefit of the doubt - big mistake! “MY BIG SCARE” My previous PSA reading was 1.2, However in June 2005 it had risen to 9.2. My Urologist said,’ your cancer has flared up, the hormone needle is not working, come back in three months time with a nuclear bone scan, as there is nothing out there to help you yet, except maybe chemo after I’ve had a look at the x-rays (bone scan)’, then he also said that I had a very very nasty cancer (originally), but in 6 months time it could be very seriousI was completely devastated and I drove home in a daze, and started having negative thoughts. My family and friends rallied around me and convinced me that I beat the cancer the last time and that I could do it again. It was very supportive and I started looking on the bright side again and began to think positive thoughts, as it was my only hope.I increased my Noni juice intake to 90 mils a day. After a few days I decided to get another opinion, I did not want to wait a further 5 months.I made an appointment with my GP to get a referral to see a second Cancer Specialist at the Mater Hospital, Newcastle. That very day I was given an appointment for the following week, and was told a nurse would ring me to discuss my cancer history and I would need to have my bone scan done before my appointment. “Bingo”, I got the ball rolling and found it hard to believe that I could make it all happen all within a week. When I saw the Specialist (Dr. R. North) the following week he had the results of the bone scan on his computer from John Hunter hospital, but the x-ray results would be there in a few days. He told me that there was no cancer in my bones but there were 3 hot spots. He told me to come back next week with a PSA and a Testosterone reading. & In the meantime he would look at the x-rays and let me know about the 3 hot spots. He told me not to worry, that they could be old scars (operation) or injuries (OA of knee and rib injury) and if they were cancerous they could be controlled with chemo. What a relief to know I was free of cancer in the bones. It was a joyous moment and I was ready to jump over the moon, and so pleased to know that I’ll be around for a while yet. NONI DID IT AGAIN Next appointment my results were very impressive, the testosterone level was at 0.1,which proved the Lucrene hormone needle was working, and negates any increase in testosterone so I could play as much tennis as I liked without any effects. On the x-rays it was impossible to tell what the hot spots were, but the Specialist said he’d keep an eye on the situation. The best result was my PSA reading at 5.5 from 9.2 two weeks earlier, after increasing my dosage of Noni juice from 30 to 90 mil a day. It restored my belief in Noni and proved to me that I should never have doubted this incredible product ­ “NONI DID IT ONCE AGAIN”­ I’m having another reading of PSA in 6 weeks and I’m certain it will be back to it’s former reading of 1.2 reading. (He is still receiving Lucrene injection regularly) 20/10/051. Hair regrowing2. Angina pain gone (play tennis 6-7 sets of tennis, 4-5 times a week)3. Arthritis pain almost gone (he also takes sea salts everyday for that.)4. Eye sight improved.

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