Sunday, October 16, 2005


I started drinking noni juice for good nutrition when I found out I was pregnant. It gave me increased energy and lowered my stress levels in just a few days. I drank noni juice every day during my pregnancy and never experienced many of the "pit falls" of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, mood swings, lack of energy, and headaches. When I went into labor I drank an ounce of noni juice every hour, and did not use any pain medication for delivery. I delivered a healthy nine-pound baby boy. He was very alert after birth. He was able to lift his head and focus his eyes on me while nursing. My midwife was amazed at my 48-hour check up because I had almost no swelling or soreness. I had such positive results with noni juice that I began giving a fourth of an ounce to my newborn when he was a few days old. He likes taking noni juice; it is the only thing I've given him other than breast milk. I've noticed slight differences between my son and other babies his age. He rarely cries, sleeps easily, and is very attentive when he's awake. At two months he had complete head control and started rolling over. I don't know if his development and temperament has been effected by noni juice, but I'm glad to have such a healthy, happy baby boy.
--Kathleen T., USA 6 Apr 2003

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