Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Testimonial - Dog

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my 14 year-old bearded collie name of Brutus.
This testimony starts in May 1999 when the vet advised us that Brutus had to have one of his testies removed. We were very unhappy about this but that was not the worst news. After the operation, we were told that Brutus also had contracted cancer.
In November 1999, my wife and I travelled to Australia to stay with friends, in the Port Stephens area of NSW. They were very thrilled about a natural health product from which they were receiving wondrous results, and so we decided to purchase some and returned home to New Zealand with it.
Brutus was given 1 teaspoon of Noni Juice on his meat daily.
Before long he was noticeably more active, and obviously the pain in his joints began to disappear.
The best news was when the vet reported that the cancerous lumps had disappeared.
In June 2000, his eyes started to cloud over and once again we gave him Noni Juice until his eyes cleared and very obviously his eyesight improved.
Even his white hair is being replaced by new growth full colour gray hair.
Our Brutus is like a 5-year old and we are very grateful to Noni Juice.

James J., Christchurch

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