Monday, October 03, 2005

TESTIMONIAL - Thyroid Cancer

I was diagnosed as having an inflamed goitre on July 2002 and was sent to a specialist.

A biopsy was performed in November and within 5 days I was in hospital to have a removal of my thyroid operation on 28th November.

On 5th December I was again operated on, due to complications and the fact that the biopsy had proved malignant. Two hours after that operation, I was again in surgery due to heavy bleeding.

Two weeks after this time, my friend called to see me and bought me a bottle of Noni Juice. I left it in the refrigerator. She again returned and after reading some books she had bought with her, I decided to take the juice very seriously…

My first bottle I drank in 10 days, and continued around that amount or more, until I recovered.

When I was due to have radiation, I consulted my doctors about staying on the Noni Juice. They examined the contents of the bottle, read a book I had loaned to them, and told me I could keep drinking it throughout the radiation. At this time they took me off OROXIN, for two weeks prior to the radiation, to “weaken me”. Imagine their surprise when that did not happen, I felt strong and well throughout the radiation.

The doctors and nurses were amazed – everyone else in a similar situation as I was, were weak and nauseous, and I just powered through.

When I came home my two sons both had tonsillitis, and my 5 year old was due to have them removed. I started them on Noni Juice, at 10mls daily, and very quickly my 5-yr old lost his fever and the tonsils in both diminished back to normal size.

I just love this juice, and I can’t help talking about it to everyone.

O. Aloda

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