Sunday, October 16, 2005


At the age, 16 I severely injured my back. All the sports I used to love I could no longer play due to my disk herniations. I went though months and months of physical therapy, but it never helped. All the therapist would smile and say your doing great and let me on my way. BUT I WAS STILL IN SO MUCH PAIN!I went back to my doctor and he suggested surgery or steriod shots. I choose the shots, but eventully decided not to take them. I suffered in pain until I was 19 years of age. This was the year I was introduced to Tahitan Noni juice. A month and a half later, after drinking 2 ounces a day of the Tahitian Noni juice, I have no more pain. I now play basketball for fun and occasionally go bowling. I thank God for bringing noni into my life.

Jon S., USA

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