Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Testimonial - Pagets Disease

I suffer from Paget’s Disease, and have blood tests taken every 6 months. Paget’s Disease the second most common bone affliction after osteoporosis.

For a number of years I experienced sciatica down my left leg and eventually it prevented me from playing golf and tennis, dancing and so on. It became so bad that I could not walk to the next block without feeling a lot of pain. I had to sit down to ease the pain – that was just too easy.

I trialed acupuncture, electropuncture, physiotherapy including deep therapy, but nothing worked.

Then a friend suggested that I trial Noni Juice. What did I have to lose? I started to drink it in January 2002, and after about 7 weeks of this, I threw away all my prescription drugs.

My daughters sent me medical information regarding Paget’s Disease, and I learned that this disease can cause nerve compression. This was the cause of my sciatica.

In May 2002, my Serium Alkaline Phosphate(SAP) reading was down from 350 to 259, and I was back enjoying all the activities that I previously loved doing, and I had no pain. Wow!

During the period May 2002 to November, I tried another and cheaper brand of Noni Juice, but it was a mistake. I am now back onto my regular Noni Juice and all is well, and I am feeling great.

I would like to thank Beverly A. who introduced me to this excellent product. I have no arthritis pain, and my onset diabetes is well under control.

John R., Tuncurry

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