Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Testimonial - Brain Cancer

In the fall of 2000, Don, age 52, developedGlioblastoma, a very aggressive but rare form of brain cancer. The lastwords he spoke were on 11-2-2000. He had multiple brain lesions and wassent home from the hospital on 12-12 and placed under Hospice care. Hewas takingDilantin to control his epileptic seizures; his last seizure was on12-5. His family was told he was stage 3 or 4 and there was no hope. He was ina coma and the Hospice nurse said before Christmas that he would not last 72 hours and that his wife should get the family there quickly.

Fortunately he lived long enough to try our noni juice. Flo Angeles spoke with Don's wife in January and told her about how well Noni juice worked. Flo and I spoke with her to explain that it was worth trying even though the medical doctor said there was no hope. When we challenged her that she had nothing to lose,she discussed it with Don's sister and they agreed to try it using the very aggressive formula that works for many cancer patients. The formula she tried to follow is explained at the end of this description. The time line is shown below so you can see Don's remarkable progress. The noni juice and a few drops of the noni extract were put into his feeding tube every hour. After a couple weeks his wife added another Extract.

Timeline (2001):
Approximately Jan. 2, 2001 the Hospice nurse said Don was unresponsiveand had no reflexes.
1-8: Don began Noni juice; he was given 1 oz. in feeding tube
1-9: Don was given 6 oz. today; (approx. 1oz. per serving)
1-10: Don was given 13 oz. today (this began regimen of approx. 1oz. perserving, every hour)
1-11: Don opened his eyes. 12 oz. total today
1-12: Don seemed to be trying to follow sound with his eyes. They wereable to stop medication for constipation. 32 oz. total today
1-13: Don was propped up while football game was on TV. He did not needpillows on either side to hold up his head as he usually did. He held his head off the pillow for a few minutes at a time to try to follow game. 28 oz. total today
1-15: 30 oz. a day yesterday and today
1-16: Noni decreased TNJ to approx. 16 oz. per day since his first 4 days of approximately a bottle a day was over.
1-18: Don is keeping his eyes open all day. He had a seizure and doctor agreed to check his Dilantin level because too high a level can cause a seizure.
1-19: He raised his eyebrows to answer that he would like to eat some ice cream. He was able to eat a bowl of ice cream. His Dilantin level was cut because it had been 35 when it should have been between 10 and20.
1-22: Hospice nurse said that Don was a different patient and wanted to know what had changed. She also was drinking noni juice but did not know what it is capable of doing. Don wiggles his toes and gives them a " Hi five" when asked. His wife increased juice to 20 oz. per day. It appears Don is trying to talk.
1-24: Beginning today, average daily amount consumed is 26 to 28 oz. per day.
See 1-28: for weekly progress summary.
1-28: Don repeatedly caught a ball thrown to him with his right hand (he had been left- handed but his left arm is not yet moving). He has been eating oatmeal, rice pudding, and a banana without problem. He spoke a few words and a few sentences. His wife and sister were looking for a pillow and he said, "It's under the covers." When they were moving his leg, he said, "Why are you doing that?" When some people were visiting and they said they'd sit and talk a while, he said, as long as it doesn't involve Noni. He has been hearing about noni constantly as people are talking about it all the time because of his miraculous recovery. His wife said that remark is typical of his sense of humor. Don does not always respond when spoken too; he is keeping his eyes open except for a few catnaps.
1-29: His wife went in to see him in the morning and he said, "Hi" It had now been 3 weeks since he started drinking noni. His wife called their friends to tell them about his amazing recovery.
2-2: Don had 2 short (30 sec.) seizures in the last few days and is keeping his eyes open all night. After the seizures he has been lethargic. I said that it might be good to cut the amount of noni back abit and/or stop it earlier in the day because it can decrease our need for sleep. He needs his sleep to continue healing. His wife gave him 26oz. of Noni today but gave the last dose earlier in the day. She also gave him some Phenobarbital. They're checked Dilantin level but they don't have results yet.
2-3: Don slept well last night and is responding very well. He is speaking again. Don picked up something with both hands so his left arm is now working. His wife does not want to cut amount he is drinking but will stop it earlier in the day.
2-5: Don was holding a book with both hands and when asked to read he read a difficult paragraph. He is occasionally answering family members using long sentences. He laughed at a movie. His Dilantin level was 5 so that would account for the two seizures. His amount of Dilantin was raised.
2-7: Don is using his right arm, doing things such as scratching his face. Flo had asked him if the feeding tube bothered him and he said"Yes it bothers me". They removed the feeding tube and he is eating normally. The doctor has prescribed physical therapy but it has not yet started. You can imagine how happy his wife is that she has hope and is not planning a funeral. His wife expects it will be at least a few weeks until another CAT scan is done so we can only judge his progress by his responses so far.
Note that Don is not receiving any other treatment for cancer. The doctors are amazed and
don't know what to make of this.

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