Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Testimonial - Pain, anxiety etc

Eighteen months ago I made a decision to trial Noni Juice, as I suffered from chronic back pain, and also leg pain, that made travelling an unpleasant experience. Initially I drank 30mls per day, and then I increased the amount to 30mls twice daily, which is what I drink today.

There have been so many benefits that happened gradually over the months that I am amazed. The pain is no longer there, and for this I just thank the Lord. My skin was mostly dry and flaky, but is now quite normal. The problem with the arthritis in my fingers is becoming less and less. Muscle tone, strength and energy have increased. Bones and nails are stronger and obviously my hair is much healthier.

As well, sunspots and small growths on my face and hands, and an ulcer, have all disappeared with using the Noni Juice topically.

My digestive problems have disappeared. Anxiety headaches are easier to control. Cuts and bruises heal in a third of the time. Insect stings no longer cause an allergic reaction and hurt very little.

I could make this list last forever, however the most amazing benefit from drinking the juice is with my eyesight, which has been completely restored after 12 months of drinking the juice. I did have macular degeneration. The optometrist has taken photos of my left eye, which show there is no sign of the former condition, nor is there any visible scarring.

My elderly mother who passed on this condition to me, was told on her last visit to her eye specialist, that her eyesight is improving, and she is very thankful for this. So far, she has taken only a very small amount of Noni Juice.

I wish to share this pure fruit juice with everyone.

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