Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Testimonial - Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

have had what was diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for six years. Fibromyalgia is like arthritis, only in the muscle. The symptoms are worse with physical exercise or activity. Something as simple as peeling potatoes can cause two days of pain. Pain is often delayed one or two days after the activity.
Some doctors think that since the magnesium levels are usually low in fibromyalgia patients, the muscles actually tear. Muscles can tear in athletes with lack of stretching and over-activity, but this is way beyond normal and stretching also causes delayed pain.
Most patients also have sleeping disorder, as the muscles don't relax enough to let you sleep properly. For many patients, numerous nights are spent rocking back and forth in pain for hours, before getting a few hours of fitful sleep.
The last six years have been spent doing what little work I could do out of my home. I earned a little with multi-level marketing and some telephone work. Much of the time was spent on relative's couches when unable to work at all. A little over two years ago I went to a chiropractor who gave me some nutritional products for 12 weeks. My energy level started to increase, but none of the pain subsided. I was able to do a few more things each day.
After that, I was introduced to LifePlus products and started taking some enzymes. I had had a bad knee that was painful anytime I did the least little walking. That healed within a couple of months and hasn't returned since. So, I thought I had really found something. I then started taking Pycnogenof (OPC'S), digestive enzymes, and then later, colloidal minerals.
These things definitely helped my energy level and some of the pain. They helped me sleep a little better. At least, I was not rocking back and forth in pain every night, but I still had to take lbuprofen once or twice a week. As I kept going on the product, it seemed only to maintain but no more progress was made. They definitely helped me at least start to "get a life". Most of that terrible weak and fatigued feeling did leave.
However, I still had a lot of pain. I dreaded bending over to pick anything up or get something out of the cupboard or refrigerator. I usually waited for my daughter to do it for me. It was painful for me to get out of a chair or get in and out of the car. I could manage to do dishes and maybe go to the store for a few things, as my total activity out of my chair.
I dreaded walking very far, because of the pain, and if I 'couldn't find a close parking space, I would give up and go home. If I was going to have to walk very far in a big store I could get an electric cart. My daughter sometimes wanted me to shop with her. In order to do that we would rent a wheelchair from the mall.
I often could not sit all the way through church. It was a painful event to go to a movie. If I went to a family gathering, after being there an hour or so, I couldn't wait to get home and sit down. My underlying energy level was quite good, but pain wears you out quickly, and all you want to do is get where you can lie down or recline in a soft chair.
It would usually take a full day or two to recover from traveling any distance.
I started Noni at the end of September, and at the end of my first week I felt my movement was more free. I didn't walk so haltingly, and could move about easier.
Then I made a trip to Utah for my son's wedding, and I noticed it did not take me long to recover from that trip. I helped do some cooking for the wedding which was still painful, but my recovery time seemed less. I was off the Noni for a few days but on the way back to Phoenix, I opened another bottle. I could tell that it helped make the trip much easier. I felt it was really worth pursuing it further.
I returned to Phoenix on October first and started telling others about it. There was immediate interest and so I decided to see if I could also work toward making a living by sharing it with others.
I continued to improve. I started sleeping better, taking less lbuprofen. I noticed it was easier to bend over. I mopped the bathroom and had much less repercussion from it. As I continued through the month I started to think about what I wanted to do with my life, instead of how to get through the day as cheerfully as possible.
My Noni business started to grow and we started seeing results with other people here locally with Diabetes, infected bum healed quickly, arthritis, etc.
I started going through my canned goods and doing other extra things instead of painfully getting through the minimum. Previously, my daughter had to do most of the housework. There were times when I got discouraged as I had some emotional ups and downs in this process. I also would have a day or two when the pain was very bad, but then soon it was gone and I was better than before. I had some depression, which is unusual because most people react feeling better, mentally.
In fact, there have been three people in my downline who got off Prozac. However, I know it was working as I was doing things like getting in and out of my car without much effort, walking faster and more normally, not dreading having to get my daughter at 9:30 or 10:00 at night. I was doing so much more that I was determined to stick it out. Well, it really paid off.
At the end of being on it for two months, it really started kicking in. I am in my third month now and I am amazed at what I did over Thanksgiving. The day before, I baked a turkey, made dressing from scratch, made gravy, cooked and mashed potatoes, peeled yams, made a yam dish, went to the store and chauffeured my daughter to school, to work and back.
I was bending over and putting things in and out of cupboards and the refrigerator, doing dishes, etc. On Thanksgiving, we went to my sister's for dinner at 1:00, stayed and played games until into the evening. My nap was to fall asleep in my chair for a few minutes. The next day, I went to Prescott and Sedona with my family. We did some shopping at several stores, drove around to see the sights, etc., and got home at 12:30 that night. My nap was about 15 minutes in the car sitting up. All this three days in a row!!
After being on the product for about a month, both my daughters independently commented on how I now have life in my face that wasn't there before. I look forward to continued improvement.
I took one bottle of Noni a week for awhile. I now take about 2 tablespoons, 2 to 3 times a day. I take more if I do some major activity. I love ballroom dancing and have been able to go several times recently, which is wonderful. I still have some pain, but way, way less.
Since Noni also enhances anything else you are taking, if I have pain at night now I just take some Noni or some calcium/magnesium tablets, which now work beautifully to relax me and get me right back to sleep.
Before Noni, those same tablets would never help me at all. I have had no pain medication for weeks!
Sharon C., Arizona

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