Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kidney disease

I have been servicing my car at Ultratune in Fairfield for over three years. Some of you must think I must be "nuts" to go such a distance for a car service. Well George Torbay is the owner. He charges Bartercard for the service. Well three years down, he was gradually exposed to noni juice and the business. He was curious but never really got interested to the point of signing up. Some 5 weeks ago he phoned and order a case of juice. He stated, "it's for my dad, he is rather unwell". I have no contact with his father other than to enquire how he was going.

Guess what !George phoned again and ask for a second case, so I suggest he might as well sign up and I caught up with him next morning in his workshop. His father, Charlie was there to meet me and started to "tell his story" . He looked so good. He went on to tell me he is 56 years old, suffered with heart complaints, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis and lastly was advised by his specialist that his kidneys are packing up and required kidney dialysis. Guess what, noni juice has reverse his kidney problems and he no longer needs to be worry about dialysis.

His specialist was curious what is this stuff he is drinking that makes such a phenomenal impact on his health status and has requested information. His blood pressure and his diabetes is now normalised. However he stated, "it has not really helped my arthritis". As Charlie was only drinking 30mls twice a day. I suggested he double the amount he drinks( and as you know, arthritis can certainly be helped with this "juice".!

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